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My Books:

The Perfect Potty Zoo

Potty Book for kids ages 2-5 years old. Cute and funny ABC Book

“Animals from A to Z are very much like you,

They play, they eat, they sleep, they dream,

They even pee and poo!”

This is a book that answers important potty time questions!

From alligators to zebras via octopuses and bears, animals and little children alike must answer the call of Mother Nature when she reminds us that it’s time to go to pee and poo.


Today I'm a Monster


Book that teaches children to accept their emotions. Bedtime story for kid 3-5 years old.

“Today I am a monster

I wake with a sore head

I want to keep on dreaming

Don’t get me out of bed!”

This is the enchanting tale of a little boy who woke up in a very bad mood indeed!

It is a charming story that engages parents and their children alike. With its vibrant poetry, written for kids 3 to 8 years of age, this is a bedtime story that will set the imagination free and invite conversation – all while reminding kids that being in a bad mood is only a passing thing.


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